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I grew up in the mid-west and landed in Los Angeles in my late 20's. 

The film and television industry lured me out here, but it was the weather

and the inspiration I saw all around that convinced me to stay. 

I always wanted to start a business which allowed me to use my creativity and the flexibility to raise a family. So, I taught myself to draw and began taking freelance jobs as a storyboard artist.  This eventually lead to getting commissions for full blown illustrations, character designs, logos, and graphic design.

I only take a limited number of projects per month. This allows me

to truly focus on my client's vision and provide them with a finished

product that is a hand crafted, unique piece which goes beyond expectation.

Whether you are looking for a unique family portrait to hang on your wall,

a special logo for your next event or new business, to a full blown re-branding

of your company, I would love to talk with you about your next project.

I love what I do.

P.S: Did you know I'm also a room stylist?  Hop over to my Roomphia by Samantha Wise to see my interior decorating projects , murals I've painted and my "mad skills" at organizing :) 


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